Song Submission

SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN FOR CHIPTUNES FOR AUTISM VOLUME 2: Powers of the Spectrum AND our upcoming Podcast!

A big thanks to Chiptunes=Win for allowing us to use the specifics of their compilation for ours.

  1. One track per artist.

  2. Submissions should be in form of a 320kbps mp3 or greater or a lossless .wav file. In your email, give us your name, handle, social media links you would like us to include and your idea behind the track and/or title.

  3. The title needs to allude to autism, aspergers or something dealing with the spectrum. Feel free to take liberty or creativity here. This compilation's theme is empowerment, so name it something that would make someone on the Spectrum feel good about themselves. If you are lost, perhaps check our RESOURCES tab for ideas. Or you could ask an autistic person for ideas!

  4. The album will be distributed under the artist name Chiptunes 4 Autism with your handle credited in the track title.

  5. The track should be an exclusive and not have appeared or be available anywhere else. However, aside from that we reserve no licensing rights or anything of the sort.

  6. All proceeds will go to our autism charity partners.


  8. All submissions should be sent to or (send to both just in case).

  9. And if you can’t make it, no worries. This is just the beginning.


We will soon be hosting a weekly or biweekly podcast that features Chiptunes and an interview with a cause we support and some music from our compilations featured as well. If you would like to have your music featured, please send us a track, and if it's about the Spectrum or neurodiversity, even better. More on this as it develops, submission guidelines are identical to those above except that the track does not necessarily need to be exclusive.